Don’t let it be a stab in the dark

Know the facts before you need them...

Test Yourself

Do you know how many victims are stabbed with their own knife?

Answer: 1 in 3

In approximately a third of cases, the victim’s own knife is used against them. In a tense situation, how easy would it be to drop it, or for someone to take it from you? Are you certain you could stay in control?

Can any stab wound be fatal?

Answer: Yes

Arteries run through your entire body. If an artery is hit you can bleed to death in less than 1 minute.

Shallow wounds are also dangerous because they can easily become infected. Blades are not sterile, so they introduce bacteria into the skin which can lead to potentially fatal conditions like sepsis.

Is it legal to carry a small folding knife?

Answer: Yes

You can carry a knife in public if it has a folding blade that is 3 inches (7.62cm) or less in length. However if any knife is used to threaten or intimidate it is considered an offensive weapon. Lock knives are not classed as folding knives and are illegal to carry in public..